7 wellness expert-backed ways to prepare for a summer weekend away

(BPT) – Summer is the time for exploring new places, spending time outdoors and relaxing in the sun. Whether you are heading to the beach or to the mountains, it is important that you prioritize wellness in whatever ways you can and prepare in advance for a weekend away, keeping your personal health and nutrition in mind. NYT bestselling author and podcast host Max Lugavere is sharing his seven steps to prepare for a successful weekend trip that prioritizes well-being and incorporates his go-to healthy snack: almonds.

1. Get those ZZZ’s

The beginning of a great trip starts the night before. Sleep sets the tone for the way we feel throughout the day, so make sure to get enough hours, especially if you have a big day ahead. Most adults require on average 7-9 hours each night.

2. Fuel up with a nutrient-dense breakfast

You’ve heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a non-negotiable before spending a day out and about. Protein is a must in my breakfasts. One staple for me are almonds, which contain 6 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving, along with 13g of unsaturated fat and 1g saturated fat. This makes them a perfect food to amp up Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and other high-protein faves.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Don’t forget to drink fluids (and eat hydrating foods). My goal is to always replace fluids and electrolytes lost, which varies based on the amount and type of exercise I partake in, any sessions in the sauna, the weather and my overall diet at the time. Listen to your body and keep drinking liquids (without added sugar!) and eating water-rich whole fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I even add electrolytes — highly recommend! When gearing up for a weekend on the go, your water bottle is your best buddy.

4. Pack a satiating snack

To maintain sustained energy levels, I grab almonds to snack on throughout the day. Almonds are a natural, whole food that will keep you full and are low in sugar, so no need to worry about your energy crashing.

5. Get some sun, but don’t overdo it

We need some direct sun exposure to create vitamin D, get a nice healthy glow, and even help generate nitric oxide which can keep our cardiovascular system healthy. But there’s no need to burn, which causes photoaging. I like to eat foods rich in skin-protecting astaxanthin (such as wild salmon) and antioxidant vitamin E (from almonds, for example). I also always keep a mineral-based sunscreen on hand if I anticipate overexposure. Trust me, your skin will thank you by the end of the weekend!

6. Any movement is good movement

You don’t have to go on a long and steep hike to get the most out of a summer weekend. Walking offers many benefits for your health, so depending on how you’re feeling, it’s totally okay to choose this low impact and sustainable option, and don’t forget to bring your water and a post-workout snack.

7. Bring activities

Whether setting out for a beach day, a hike or sightseeing, I always pack a book, game or other activity. If you have any downtime, you’ll be so much happier you can initiate in a group activity or pursue a passion, rather than resorting to scrolling on your phone.

From the beach to the mountains, summer is the season of adventure and of snacks, but feeling good throughout a weekend trip comes down to making nutrient-dense choices! That’s why when I’m preparing for a day out and about, I’m packing almonds. Convenient and filling, almonds have 6g of protein and 4g of fiber in each serving, perfect for midday refuels. When energy levels are high, spirits will be too!

Are you ready to incorporate healthy habits into your summer routine and beyond? By utilizing Max’s tips above, you’ll surely be able to have your best summer yet. Check out almonds.com for more information on how you can kick-start your wellness routine this summer.