Creating new brands to conquer everyday problems

(BPT) – What do more than 70% of consumers have in common? They all hate bugs. According to a recent survey, bugs bother a staggering 71% of Americans.[1] Yet, for more than a half a century, there were no “truly new” options for consumers when it came to pests until P&G Ventures reimagined the future and created a new brand, Zevo.

P&G Ventures is dedicated to growing new spaces for Procter & Gamble (P&G) that are outside of the Company’s current categories, including pest control, therapeutic skin care, pet parenting and automotive.

“We talk to thousands of consumers, spend time with them, shop with them, go to their homes, understand their pain points, test and retest, and then find a way to solve it,” said Mike Jensen, senior vice president, R&D, P&G Ventures. “We’re on a relentless pursuit — in fact, we’re obsessed with finding completely new ways to solve daily problems — problems that people had given up on or were forced to settle for trade-offs.”

P&G Venture’s first brand to go national, Zevo, skyrocketed to success, securing a coveted spot on Circana’s 2022 Top 25 New Product Pacesetter list. With 6 in 10 Americans doubting the efficacy of natural insect repellents,[2] Zevo emerged driving consumer choice with child- and pet-safe solutions inspired by plants’ own bug-fighting abilities.

From its new On-Body Mosquito + Tick Repellent to its Insect Killer Sprays and Flying Insect Traps, Zevo brings new-to-the-world solutions that are not just incrementally better. Combining a deep understanding of consumers’ needs for non-greasy, odorless solutions with the latest discoveries in science and technology, the experts at Zevo designed products, using naturally occurring amino acids and a blue and UV light system — ensuring that consumers don’t have to sacrifice safety, efficacy or comfort. Finally, nearly two-thirds of Americans[3] who have had to prematurely end outdoor excursions due to bothersome insects have solutions.

Helping keep homes free from pests is only the beginning. P&G Ventures is rethinking other categories where consumers had been left with solutions that were mediocre at best.

Beyond these cutting-edge pest control solutions, P&G Ventures is pairing the mastery of P&G with the passion and magic of entrepreneurs, innovators and creators to design products that deliver superior and irresistible performance that drive consumer choice in other spaces, including therapeutic skincare, pet parenting and automotive categories. And P&G Ventures has its sights on continuing to grow new spaces that are outside P&G’s current categories.

Visit P&G Ventures where brands are born, to find out how they’re solving unmet consumer needs with trailblazing household products, like Zevo.

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[2] Survey conducted by Wakefield on behalf of P&G Ventures in April 2023, with a panel of 1,000 Americans ages 18 and older.

[3] Survey conducted by Wakefield on behalf of P&G Ventures in April 2023, with a panel of 1,000 Americans ages 18 and older.