What’s inside your walls? Smart home technology predicts electrical fires

(BPT) – Do you know what’s lurking inside the walls of your home? Much of your home’s wiring is located within the walls, and as long as it’s working well, you probably don’t think about it. Yet faulty wiring and electrical issues can be dangerous and occur in both new and older homes, which may leave you, your family and your property vulnerable to fires.

Enter a first-of-its-kind technology from Whisker Labs to add to your smart home — free for eligible State Farm® customers.

Electrical fire risks

Electrical failures or malfunctions were a leading cause of electrical home fires, according to a National Fire Protection Association report. These fires caused on average 430 deaths, 1,070 injuries and an estimated $1.5 billion in direct property damage per year, according to data from 2015-2019, the most recent analysis available. Arcing was the cause of 63% of home fires involving an electrical failure or malfunction.

Assessing hidden risks

Smart home technology has transformed daily life for many Americans. Video doorbells, smart speakers, intuitive appliances and more — there are many options that keep life comfortable and convenient. Now, a smart plug-in sensor can help predict and prevent electrical fires in the home to help keep you safe.

The Ting plug-in sensor by Whisker Labs monitors your entire home for electrical arcing — including bad wiring, damaged appliances or devices, and faulty light fixtures. It also monitors for dangerous power originating from your electric utility service. Ting alerts users of any risks through an app that is downloaded on a smartphone.

The main precursors to electrical fires, micro-arcs and sparks, happen in faulty wires, loose connections and faulty appliances or devices. These signs usually develop over weeks and months, so Ting is designed to provide you with advanced warnings to help address these hazards prior to the hazard starting an electrical fire.

Want Ting and monitoring for free?

State Farm is offering Ting and three years of service at no cost to eligible customers to help prevent fires before they occur. To be eligible you must have an active State Farm non-tenant homeowners policy, a smartphone and home Wi-Fi. Learn more at statefarm.com.

In addition to the sensor and monitoring, if Ting identifies a fire hazard, Whisker Labs provides up to $1,000 toward the labor repair costs to remediate the electrical fire hazard. This makes it that much easier to take action and help protect your family and property from electrical fire hazards.

You may not have superhuman power to see through walls, but you can help protect your family from hidden dangers when you have timely information from advanced smart home technology. Act today to help protect what matters most.

**The State Farm Ting program is currently unavailable in AK, DE, NC, SD and WY.