Summertime clean-up with design in mind

(BPT) – After months of snow and dreary rain, warm weather is an opportunity for new beginnings, new growth and deep cleaning. It seems every year that our houses are back to square one when it comes to summer cleaning, leaving us with the task of taking a year’s worth of accumulated stuff and deciding what stays and what goes. Take our word for it: there’s no better feeling than stepping into the warmer seasons with a fresh, decluttered house.

So in an effort to decrease the burden we face every year around this time, we have some ideas and recommendations on how to keep your space feeling fresh all year round, as well as some design additions you can make to ensure your house is as good as new come next summer.

Smart storage

No one wants to hear this, but the trick to keeping your wardrobe from taking over your closet is by building a strategic system of organization that works throughout the year. Luckily, there are some accessible tips and tricks to maximize your storage capabilities and create a space that’s easier to keep organized, which means easier and faster access to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Before you shell out for a pricey closet organization system, consider the things you already have that could be creatively leveraged for storage. Things like baskets, book cases, and cubbies make for perfect storage tools for things like purses, shoes, handbags and other miscellaneous items that need a home.

If you are in search of some new storage units, look for compact, multi-use options that can address more than one area of organization. To best utilize limited wall space, stack mounted shelving or wall hooks over your shoe rack to take advantage of your vertical space.

And if height allows, take advantage of a double-hanging system for tops and bottoms — all you might need in addition is a small step stool to access the top row, and you’ve managed to double your storage while keeping your floor space more clear for navigation.

Smart installation

Anyone who lives in a colder region knows: winter is not gentle on our homes by any means. Come spring and summer, we’re left with endless lists of tasks to clean up both inside and outside the house, and with street salt and dirt quickly melted off with the spring thaw, the impact on your flooring can be damaging.

The best way to ensure your floors make a smooth transition from winter into the warmer months is by installing varieties that are waterproof and resistant to surface damage. Consider products like Duravana’s engineered hardwood, a hybrid water-resilient flooring that locks tight to keep moisture from seeping between planks and wreaking havoc on your floor’s quality. Another option would be the luxury waterproof vinyl of the Harmony Collection, which offers you both hardwood appearance and peace of mind that comes with the durability of rigid vinyl.