Shared meal experiences: The next big thing bringing people and pups closer

(BPT) – Do you throw birthday parties for your dog? Include them in family photos? Maybe you have matching outfits you don for special occasions? If you enjoy spending time with your pup through fun activities like these, you’ll love the next big thing in bonding with pets: shared mealtime experiences.

This isn’t just eating at the same time. Shared mealtime experiences mean pet owners are creating human dishes for themselves that are inspired by the ingredients in their pup’s food bowl. Once the dish is ready, you can both enjoy meals that mimic each other while spending quality time together. It’s an activity that fills your belly and your cup at the same time.

Shared meal inspiration

Your dog is one of your most beloved companions, so it makes sense that as a dog owner, you may want to better understand your dog’s mealtime experience. Through a new program called ‘Share A Bowl with Beneful,’ dog owners feeding their dogs select Beneful formulas can explore tasty complementary human recipes that highlight some of the colorful, wholesome and natural ingredients found in the formulas.

To make this possible, Beneful created a free downloadable cookbook that includes four easy-to-follow human recipes inspired by your dog’s favorite Beneful products. Sharing meals in this way encourages pet owners to take an active, empathic approach to what their dog experiences at mealtime. Learn more at

For example, while your pup relishes a bowl of Beneful Originals With Beef, you can make and enjoy a complementary dish of Beef Bulgogi Bowls inspired by the ingredients found in this formula. With delicious beef, rice, peas and spinach it’s a wholesome, satisfying meal that comes with an extra helping of joy because you are sharing the moment together.

Another inspiring recipe is for Parchment Baked Salmon and Sweet Potatoes, served over vegetable rice. This recipe reflects the quality ingredients in Beneful Originals With Salmon. Bake this dish for yourself before sitting down and serving your pup’s food so you can both enjoy your respective dishes at the same time.

Signs of enjoyment

As you savor the tasty ingredients in your dish, you can look for signs your dog is enjoying his bowl as well. Positive reactions like tail wagging, perked ears and general mealtime excitement indicate he’s digging his dish.

Want to enhance your shared dining experience even more? If you’re in the mood for tunes, play some music during mealtime. Once you’re both finished with your respective meals, spend some additional time together either relaxing, cuddling or getting outside for a post-meal walk.

Shared mealtime experiences create joy, because when people and pets bond, life becomes richer. Building a bowl for yourself inspired by the ingredients in your dog’s favorite pet food formula can make you feel closer to your pet and sets the stage to better understand each other. Meals together may soon become the favorite time of day for you and your pet.