New Survey reveals how moms celebrate dads on Father’s Day – hint: togetherness is key

(BPT) – As Father’s Day fast approaches, dads who rolled out the red carpet for moms on Mother’s Day are in luck, as they’re in store for similar treatment, according to a new survey by Mother’s Cookies. The survey polled 2,000 moms of kids ages 5-12 about how they celebrate Father’s Day and found that nearly half of the moms (49%) plan to celebrate the day in a similar way as they were celebrated on Mother’s Day. And, 37% of moms say they even try to “out-do” their partner when Father’s Day rolls around.

But when it comes down to the festivities of the day, togetherness is key, as most moms look forward to celebrating dads with fun family-friendly activities, such as:

  • Barbecuing with the family
  • Buying snacks, luxury items and cakes
  • Going swimming
  • Visiting a museum
  • Going to see a movie
  • Surprising dad

Make time for quality time

If you need to conjure up some new ideas for what to do on Father’s Day this year, ask your kids what they most want to do with their dad, and see what kinds of responses you get from them. Just taking the time for a break from everyday chores and obligations to spend time having fun together is probably pretty high on the list.

Doing something silly or unexpected together often brings out the best in dads. Let kids take the lead and come up with ideas that are easy to manage without a lot of fuss, whether it’s just hanging out and playing their favorite games together or enjoying a sweet treat like their favorite cookies during an impromptu backyard picnic. Whatever you do, Mother’s Cookies encourages you to take time to Stop and Taste the Frosting!

Let kids show their creativity

As for what makes the most memorable gifts for Father’s Day, handmade items the kids make themselves are always a great option. Only 28% of the moms in the survey report that they buy dad gifts, while nearly 4 in 10 moms (36%) say that their kid(s) usually make dad something special to celebrate the day.

Talk to your kids to brainstorm ideas about what they might like to make for their dad this year, and then help set them up with arts and crafts supplies so they can make it happen. Dads are bound to love whatever creations their kids make with their own hands.

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