New study: 2 out of 3 prioritize eating quality breakfast

(BPT) – For the past 18 months, Americans have been spending more time at home, a trend that has impacted breakfast attitudes and behaviors. A recent study evaluated how 1000 employed Americans feel about cooking and eating breakfast, specifically during the workweek, and how the COVID-19 pandemic played a factor into these changing attitudes and behaviors. In the study, conducted by OnePoll for Bob Evans Farms, 2 in 3 working Americans said they make it a high priority to eat breakfast during the workweek, despite 63% admitting they would rather have an extra hour of sleep than get up early to cook breakfast. Interestingly, nearly half (46%) believe they make healthier breakfast selections now than they did before the pandemic.

Why is it so tough to get breakfast going in the morning?

Commute or no commute, mornings can be rough. In fact, over half of the employed Americans surveyed (56%) said they were too busy to make breakfast in the morning during the workweek, and perhaps not surprisingly, most of those who agreed that they were too busy are parents (87%).

When asked why it was so challenging to get breakfast together on weekdays, respondents answered that the physical act of cooking (40%), deciding what to make (39%) and cleaning up (38%) are the most difficult aspects of cooking breakfast during the workweek.

Solving the breakfast dilemma in the morning

To make breakfast prep easier in the morning, over 3 in 4 respondents (76%) reported purchasing refrigerated heat-and-eat breakfast items at least once a month. The survey also found 2 in 5 of the employed American respondents (41%) are more interested in refrigerated heat-and-eat breakfast items than they were before the pandemic. Today, the top three reasons people are interested in refrigerated heat-and-eat breakfast items are because of their:

  • Convenience (60%)
  • Taste (58%)
  • Price (51%)

Selecting the best heat-and-eat breakfast choices

For anyone looking for meal options for breakfast that are hearty as well as convenient, you can check product labels to choose items containing higher protein and lower carbs and sugar to help you and your family get moving on busy weekday mornings. For example, Bob Evans offers a variety of convenient, nourishing and filling options for a “weekend-style breakfast” that can be enjoyed all week long.

You can even use some of their products to create indulgent breakfast dishes that will please the whole family and make mornings a little easier, like this recipe for protein-rich egg white mini-muffins with cheese, sausage and zesty taco seasoning:

Easy and healthy Mexican breakfast cups


1 carton Bob Evans Egg Whites
1/4 cup milk
1 tablespoon taco seasoning
1 cup cheddar cheese
3-5 small peppers
salt and pepper to taste
1 Bob Evans Original Roll Sausage


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Spray muffin tins.
Cook sausage and peppers.
Transfer ingredients to mixing bowl and add egg whites, taco seasoning, cheese, peppers, salt and pepper.
Pour egg mixture into muffin tins and bake 20 minutes.
Finish with salsa and sour cream.

You can even make these ahead and heat them up the next morning.

Don’t let your weekday mornings go by without enjoying a healthy and tasty breakfast. Check out all the breakfast options and recipes at