MAX out your chill: 4 types of ice to elevate your holiday cocktails

(BPT) – The winter holidays are fast approaching. If you enjoy hosting friends and family for dinners or the occasional happy hour especially during the holiday season, one way to impress your guests is to plan and prepare various drinks for each occasion.

While you likely prioritize getting the best spirits, mixers and glasses, it’s essential not to overlook the significance of ice. Different ice shapes serve distinct purposes, and incorporating the right ones into your beverages will wow your guests and let you flex your skills as a home barkeep. Check out the four main types of ice and how to use them when crafting holiday drinks.

1. Cubed

Classic and versatile, cubed ice is your all-purpose companion. Whether you’re crafting a classic Long Island iced tea or a refreshing gin and tonic, cubed ice will swiftly chill your spirits. It’s also perfect for serving iced teas, rum and cola or mojitos in a highball glass.

2. Crushed

Recognizable by its pebble-like texture, crushed ice brings a unique element to your drinks. The pebble-like ice melts faster than your typical cubed ice. While not all cocktails benefit from dilution, certain creations like the Mint Julep thrive on it, according to Vine Pair. Crushed ice’s ability to thin out syrup and juices is its secret weapon, especially for dessert options like a homemade take on shaved ice.

3. Mini cubed

A generous supply of mini-cubed ice is the perfect answer for filling water bottles or delivering a quick chill. Like crushed ice, mini-cubed ice is fantastic at quickly cooling drinks, making iced coffee or chilling soda and water.

If your plans involve blended drinks or frozen cocktails, mini-cubed ice is the way to go. The small cubes blend smoothly, so every drink you make has a consistent texture.

4. Round

Round ice (also known as sphere or ball ice) isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. It melts slowly, gradually chilling your drink without diluting it. For those who enjoy sipping on whiskey, bourbon or craft cocktails, opt for round ice in a lowball glass. It’s also helpful to keep any cocktail or non-alcoholic drink chilled during long parties.

You can get round ice trays to make them at home, but if you have an LG refrigerator, some make slow-melt LG Craft Ice™, so you can have round ice on demand.

All the ice you need at home

While your fridge may make cubed and crushed ice, you’ll likely have to buy specialty trays to make others, like mini-cubed and round shapes. Even for cubed and crushed ice, your fridge may not make enough to serve drinks to your guests all night.

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