Lacey Chabert’s Top Tips for Easy Holiday Hosting

(BPT) – The holidays are a festive time of year full of friends, family and fun. Hosting events in your home is a great way to bring loved ones together, but it also can be overwhelming. Fortunately, tips from an expert holiday hostess can help you plan a gathering that everyone will enjoy, including yourself!

“Queen of Hallmark,” actress, producer and star of holiday film “A Merry Scottish Christmas,” Lacey Chabert is gearing up for the holidays with Glade® and sharing her top tips for at-home entertaining.

1: Plan a special welcome moment

Set the tone for your gathering right at the front door. Decorate your entryway with festive items that reflect your personality. As guests arrive, they’ll enjoy the holiday decor while you invite them in for a warm drink or bite-sized appetizers to kick off the party.

2: Set a festive vibe

Light a candle as guests arrive to create a memorable experience that delights the senses. Chabert’s favorite candle is the limited-edition Starlight & Snowflakes from Glade®, which sets a welcoming and wintery vibe for your guests with the smell of fresh fallen snow, frosty air and eucalyptus. She has found that the unique scent paired with the warm candlelight glow is a great way to set a festive mood for holiday events.

3: Embrace holiday aromas

If you have an artificial tree but still crave that quintessential piney fragrance, light the limited-edition Twinkling Pine & Cedar candle from Glade® to get the best of both worlds without the hassle of a real tree.

4: Create kid-friendly spaces

Keep in mind the little ones that may be attending your gathering. Consider creating an enrichment area for them that includes items like blankets, blocks and coloring pages. You might even have an ornament craft ready to go that they can work on as the adults gather. A cookie decorating station or hot chocolate bar are always a hit with kids.

5: Provide a token of gratitude

Offer guests small, personalized holiday favors as thanks for attending your gathering. For example, a candle with a holiday ribbon around it can be set at placemats for decoration. This elevates your event, plus guests can then take these home as a memory of all the holiday fun.

6: Make time to be merry

Hosting can be time-consuming, so don’t forget to take breaks to relax and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones and ask for help when needed.

These quick tips can help elevate your holiday entertaining and create an event everyone will remember well into the new year.