Impress your holiday guests with a bathroom minispa

(BPT) – Holidays conjure the excitement of social gatherings, guests and good times. As a result, people like to spiff up their homes for their guests. But what about spiffing up your guest bathroom and making a real statement? It can be an affordable way to show guests that you care about their comfort and aesthetics. With a few simple upgrades, your guest bath can become a minispa to surprise and delight your guests.

Of course, you can always add a new coat of paint, or change the towels, shower curtain and rugs. But what if you went full-bore into creating a luxurious bathroom oasis? Here are four ways to upgrade your bathroom for a makeover that will not only wow your guests, but that you’ll be able to enjoy all year long.

Haute new faucets

Touchless faucets blend utility, form and function with the latest design. In addition to being a beautiful addition to your décor, touchless faucets kick up sanitation. With just a swipe of their hands, guests get temperature-controlled water with an LED light display. Guests don’t need to touch anything until their hands are clean. Beauty and safety combine, and will last long after the holidays are a memory.

A touch of glamour

Rather than the traditional plastic toilet seat, install the Mayfair by Bemis Benton, an enameled wood toilet seat made with 100% recycled wood and eco-friendly processes. Match hinges to your décor with chrome, brushed nickel and the trendy matte black and brushed gold. Put the spotlight on your good taste and care for the planet.

The ultimate in hygienic luxury

A bidet not only lets your guests customize their cleaning experience, but it saves money on toilet paper. Its unassuming design fits seamlessly into any décor. Once guests use the bidet, they’ll love the UV sterilization, unlimited warm water, adjustable water pressure and nozzle position, warm air dryer and heated seat. Offer your guests the pleasant surprise of comfort, luxury and cleanliness all in one. Of course, you might run the risk that they may not want to leave the bathroom.

Heated toilet seat

Those late-night trips to the bathroom in winter just got a makeover: radiant heat. Now, guests can choose three levels of comforting warmth with Bemis Radiance. No more shivering in the dark on a cold toilet seat. Those late-night bathroom trips are inviting and cozy, thanks to the warmth and the blue in-bowl light that softly illuminates the way to the toilet.

Bemis, a leader in bathroom innovation since 1901, uses sustainable manufacturing processes, provides seat hardware that never loosens, designs seats that raise upright for easy cleaning, and features slow-close lids. Bidets offer customizable clean, and touchless faucets address hygiene concerns with modern features to give your bathroom a holiday glow.