Hook, line and sizzle: Save time and maximize flavor with these tips for grilled fish

(BPT) – The sizzle, the scent, the satisfaction of that first bite — there’s nothing quite like grilled food on a beautiful summer day. This year, seafood is taking over grills across America, and everyone from casual foodies to professional chefs are getting hooked on grilled fish.

Catch the flavor of the season

Why is fish the hot dish for grilling this year? Fish is wonderfully versatile and can be prepared with different flavor profiles, including savory, spicy, fruity, citrusy and many more. It pairs nicely with other beloved flavors of summer, such as a crisp fresh salad, ripe fruit or grilled vegetables as a side. Plus, packed with omega-3s and other nutrients, fish is often a healthier alternative to other popular grilled foods, like red meat or processed sausage.

Make a splash at mealtime

Grilling fish might be intimidating to some people, but it doesn’t have to be. One time-saving tip is to look for Morey’s Fine Fish & Seafood at your local grocery store. This family-owned company has been procuring high-quality fish and seafood products for over 80 years. With an emphasis on quality and flavor, you’ll find premium fillets paired with chef-inspired seasoning and marinades so you can make the most of grilling season — without the stress.

“Seas the day” with salmon

What options are best for summer grilling? While many fish are great for the grill, you can’t go wrong with salmon. This meaty-textured fish is ideal for the grill, whether you place it right on the hot grates or wrap it in foil for a delicate and delicious steam. Salmon is low in saturated fat and high in protein, which is good for maintaining bone and muscle strength.

Morey’s has several wild salmon options that make grilling a breeze:

  • Wild Salmon Seasoned Grill has a smoky blend of garlic, basil, salt and red pepper seasoning that becomes even more pronounced through grilling.
  • Wild Salmon Steakhouse features white and black pepper with notes of jalapeño and rosemary for a savory dish with a subtle kick.
  • Wild Salmon Lemon Herb has a citrus-style marinade for bright notes that balance this naturally buttery, rich fish.

Set taste buds adrift with new recipes

Grilled fish makes an amazing meal any time, but if you want to try new flavors and be inspired, check out the recipes at Moreys.com/Recipes. With a variety of mouth-watering recipes, you’ll find inspiration for any occasion.

For example, the Steakhouse Salmon Quinoa Bowl recipe puts two superfoods together — salmon and quinoa — to produce a nutritious and hearty meal that comes together in about 30 minutes. While the quinoa and salmon cook, mix up the aromatic and flavorful dressing made with lime, jalapeño, honey, red wine vinegar and olive oil. Set the table indoors or dine al fresco, and prepare for a relaxing meal at home.

Get ready to make waves at your next meal. With these tips for simple preparation and cooking, you’ll find grilled fish to be your new go-to for grilling this summer.