Holiday Gifts for Foodies

(BPT) – Some foodies love to eat, and some foodies love to create. For those on your holiday gift list, here are ideas that will excite even the most discerning culinary creator.

For the coffee lover who waxes eloquent about beans

The JURA GIGA 10 offers 35 different brew options, from intense espresso to trendy flat white, plus a full range of genuine cold brew specialties at the touch of a button. It offers a luxury coffee experience, with two bean containers, each with its own ceramic disc grinder, designed for maximum grinding quality and versatility. The touch-operated panorama coffee panel is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to customize your beverage in multiple ways. The stunning design is meant to be shown off in the kitchen or curated coffee bar.

For the perfectionist chef

A few degrees can make the difference between a juicy filet and a ruined steak. The CDN Lollipop Thermometer is an advanced model designed for perfectionist home chefs. The 1.5mm thin tip is ideal for even the thinnest cuts of meat, and it’s incredibly accurate to one-tenth of a degree, helping cook an expensive Wagyu filet to perfection.

For the chef who wants to take the show on the road

The Tramontina GURU is a portable induction cooktop that works anywhere with a power outlet — for wandering chefs or those who want to expand or upgrade cooking options at home. This lightweight, high-performance cooktop features a built-in precision scale, safety features, and connectivity to a smartphone or tablet for access to curated recipes and video instruction. The GURU starter set includes cookware and online resources for recipes, techniques, and nutritional information.

For hard-core bakers and bread makers

Serious bakers and bread makers know that the Ankarsrum Assistent Original Mixer is the gold standard for producing the best dough. This versatile Swedish-made mixer is renowned for power and long-term reliability. Its unique kneading motion produces pro-level results, whether you’re making a cake, whipping a meringue, or preparing multiple loaves of bread at a time. With 14 vibrant colors, there’s a perfect Ankarsrum mixer for any kitchen.

For iced tea fanatics

Iced tea lovers will wonder how they survived before the Capresso Iced Tea Select. It brews an entire pitcher of plain or flavored iced tea at the press of a button. The reusable filter holds loose tea or tea bags, and brew strength is easy to customize. Add fresh or frozen fruit for refreshing tea beverages all year round.