From amore to l’amour: Discover your language of love

(BPT) – No topic gets the heart pumping like love. And despite plenty of advice from experts, not everyone shows affection in the same way. Why not try to communicate with your paramour like you never have before? Instead of saying “I love you,” say “je t’aime” or “ich liebe dich” instead — show your special someone that you love them in another language!

If you’re not too savvy with languages, but you still want to do something amazing, there are still plenty of ways to express your feelings. Here are fun, creative tips on showing your passion.

1. Celebrate your loved one’s travel dream

Maybe your sweetheart has been saving up to visit Machu Picchu in Peru. Perhaps they can’t wait to float down the Danube River in Europe or climb Mount Fuji in Japan. While you may not be able to make these dream trips a reality right now, you can take time to learn more about the places your loved one wants to visit — and how you’d get there if you had the chance.

Plan out an imaginary trip with the object of your affection, all the way down to what sites you’d visit after arriving at your destination. Take things a step further by gifting your loved one with an immersive language program. This will help them prepare for future international adventures!

Rosetta Stone is a convenient language-learning software that allows you to see, hear, speak, read and write while learning new words and phrases, right on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Rosetta Stone uses a Dynamic Immersion approach that ensures you’ll be immersed in your new language from the start, with reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises that work with your brain’s natural language processing ability to help you learn any of their 25 languages fast.

With Rosetta Stone, you and your loved one will intuitively learn through a series of photos, spoken words and written words. Just download the Rosetta Stone app and begin learning a new language!

2. Explore a new activity or skill together

To express your love beyond words, why not give your special someone the gift of a shared experience? Way more engaging and longer lasting than a pricey dinner or a bouquet of roses, choosing something you and your loved one can do together will not just deepen your bond, but open the door to more fun and meaningful interactions in years to come.

Take up a new instrument, enroll in an art class or tackle a foreign language. The great news is there are plenty of online classes, programs and tutorials for just about any hobby, game or life skill you’d like to explore with your partner.

3. Explore your loved one’s background

It doesn’t really matter if you share a cultural background with your loved one — you can always make the day meaningful by exploring your partner’s heritage. Here are just a few ways to show your special someone that you’re extremely interested in what makes them unique:

  • Get them an ancestry kit so they can learn more about their own ethnic background.
  • Help them discover their family background by enlisting their older relatives into creating a family tree.
  • Find out how to make a dish (or where to order one) from your sweetheart’s culture and surprise them with a special meal.
  • Use a language learning app like Rosetta Stone to memorize ways to express your love to your partner in the language of their parents, grandparents or even great-great-grandparents.

Choose a unique, easily downloadable gift with Rosetta Stone and reveal your new language skill as a surprise, or make your gift the experience of exploring a new vernacular. Whatever you choose, there’s nothing more romantic than saying “I love you” in a language that speaks to the heart.