Finishes as fashion for the home

(BPT) – The home is the ultimate place for creative expression. Each room acts as a canvas that can be crafted to reflect one’s unique sense of style and personality. From the color on the walls to the material of the furniture, every detail is important. When designing a room, consider how materials, colors and shapes play off each other and blend together, as the home is not just meant to be a place of function — it is also a space for fashion, creativity and style.

Matte sophistication

Color within the home can evoke many feelings, from using muted tones to create a sense of serenity to selecting a strong tone to make a bold statement. It is an important piece of the puzzle when bringing together a space and should be a thoughtful choice when considering every accessory, fixture and element within a room. When choosing fixtures, especially in the kitchen and bath spaces, carefully consider the finish. Whether you use a matte finish to create a timeless and classic look, or a polished finish to create a glamorous look, there’s an option to suit every aesthetic. The Jason Wu for Brizo™ Kitchen Collection features its signature Matte White finish and Brilliance® Polished Nickel handle, which captures both a modern yet elegant feel that takes its inspiration straight from the runway. A room does not require vibrant color to make a statement; sometimes the boldest statement in the room is one that is strikingly simple.

Intriguing details

Customization is a true marker of luxury. While one may be drawn to a particular faucet shape and style, the finish is a chance to really make it feel personal. Select a polished or brilliant detail with a shine, like the Brilliance® Polished Nickel finish available in the Invari® Bath Collection, to make the faucet the jewelry of the room. The tone itself is a juxtaposition of cool and warm, which adds a captivating touch to any space. A dark, moody hue conveys a modern sleekness that can quickly make an outdated space feel fashionable. For a dramatic look, select the Levoir® Bath Collection in the daring shade of Brilliance® Black Onyx. The onyx brings a sense of allure to the bath and intrigues the eye with its dark, luxe lacquer. Mixing and matching tones or using split finishes can add a unique perspective and creates an aesthetic that artfully blends materials. Look at finishes as a way to make a statement in a space. They should not be overlooked in the design process, as they are the very detailed element that brings a room — and the home — together.