Create lasting family memories in your kitchen

(BPT) – In a world full of scrolling and streaming, families can still find time to gather around delicious food and beloved snacks. From lunchtime to snack time, family meals are the perfect occasion to hit pause on a busy day and start new traditions that infuse more family fun into everyday life.

Many memories are made in the kitchen, so what if you invited your family to roll up their sleeves and have a little fun? Here are three ways to include your little ones in the kitchen to create meaningful moments of family connection.

Turn Snack Time into Gametime

What if a little snack could turn into big family fun?

To remind families of the joy of old-school game night, Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats® teamed up with multi-platinum artist, actor, philanthropist, and proud girl-dad Ludacris to create the limited-edition “Treat. Eat. Compete.” game set, complete with custom gameplay goodies and a new pack of Rice Krispies Treats® bars. With five unique games inspired by the iconic rapper and the beloved brand, “Treat. Eat. Compete” will get loved ones together in the spirit of competition and ooey-gooey snacks. Each game is centered around the iconic snack to make game time fun, easy and delicious for family members of all ages. Win or lose, everyone can end the games by enjoying a delicious Rice Krispies Treats bar!

Starting May 8, the game set can be purchased at for $20 (including shipping) while supplies last. Proceeds will support Boys & Girls Clubs of America to help foster more safe places for kids nationwide to play, compete, and connect.*

For any fans who don’t get their hands on a “Treat. Eat. Compete.” game set, there are still endless ways to create new food traditions. Unwrap a Rice Krispies Treats® bar with your kiddos and get inspired with your own creations, contests and competitions or check out #treateatcompete on TikTok for inspiration!

Turn Mealtime Prep into Culinary Fun

Up for a culinary adventure? Make it fun for kids to participate in cooking meals by brainstorming new recipes and ingredients.

How it works:

Have each family member write down an ingredient on a piece of paper and put them into a bowl. (Make sure to have ingredients on hand when ready to play.) To add a bit of adventure to a mealtime, have a family member choose a slip of paper at random from the bowl. Work together as a family to come up with ideas for how to incorporate that ingredient into the meal.

Turn Dinnertime Dining into a Crafting Extravaganza

Edible arts and crafts can be fun for the whole family! An added bonus: Eating what you create helps cut down on food waste while also making clean-up a breeze.

A simple way to start:

1. Provide toppings and decorations for a snack canvas of your choosing.

2. Encourage kids to use the toppings to create fun designs on their food and show off for the rest of the table’s enjoyment.

3. Gradually introduce unique ingredients and flavors to inspire curiosity of new food experiences.

Or, keep it simple! Grab the ingredients to make a favorite ooey-gooey snack — Rice Krispies Treats® bars — and let the kiddos DIY, craft and create their own snacks by shaping them into different molds or mashing them with their favorite mix-ins. Grab the brand’s Original recipe and get inspired at

Looking for more ways to get your family together over snack time? Head to TikTok and follow along with @ludacrisdtp, @ricekrispiestreats or #treateatcompete for all kinds of family fun-spiration. We can’t wait to see what your family makes in the kitchen!

*For each purchase of specially marked Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treat. Eat. Compete. Game Sets from May 8, 2023 to July 31, 2023, Kellogg’s will donate $20.00 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Kellogg’s guarantees a minimum donation of $100,000. Maximum donation of $150,000.