Check Out Kettle Brand’s Krinkle Cut Pairing Guide for World Cocktail Day

(BPT) – In honor of World Cocktail Day on May 13th, Kettle Brand® has teamed up with lifestyle expert Maureen Petrosky to curate the Krinkle CutTM Cocktail Pairing Guide, a potato chip and cocktail pairing for the bold at heart!

The guide features the refreshed Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut™ line that is bolder, crunchier and indulgent. By pairing two all-new Kettle Brand flavors, Habanero Lime and Truffle & Sea Salt, and the return of two fan favorites, Dill Pickle and Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, with refreshing beverages, there is something for even the most extravagant palates to enjoy this summer.

Kettle Brand is also partnering with actress and potato chip lover Madison Bailey to celebrate World Cocktail Day with her favorite chip and cocktail pairing, Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper and a Rum Negroni. This versatile chip, packed with extra flavor and the perfect amount of salt and pepper, is the ultimate pairing for a thirst-quenching summer cocktail.

“What better way to head into summer than with a flavor-filled potato chip + cocktail pairing?” said Bailey. “This World Cocktail Day, I’ll be celebrating with my favorite flavor, Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, paired with a Rum Negroni.”

1. Truffle & Sea Salt: Palo-Mez

For the bougiest chip in the Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut line up, Maureen recommends pairing Truffle & Sea Salt with a Mezcal Paloma. This drink is a twist on the Paloma but with Mezcal, a funky, earthy and fun way to put a spin on a traditional tequila cocktail.

For a zero-proof option, lose the booze and add some more fruit juice for a Paloma Punch!

2. Habanero Lime: Frozen G&T

The new Habanero Lime flavor is sure to take heat-lovers to their happy place, so a Frozen Gin & Tonic is the perfect balance for this chip. A simple blender drink is perfect for kicking off warmer weather. Don’t have a traditional blender? Substitute your smoothie blender.

For a zero-proof spin on the Frozen Gin & Tonic try a refreshing Lime Rickey!

3. Dill Pickle: Bloody Mary

The iconic Dill Pickle flavor is made even better with a classic Bloody Mary. Garnish this tried and true beverage with a charcuterie stick right from your fridge and pantry. Layer up salami, cheese and pickled veggies for the perfect pairing with this chip.

For an easy enough zero-proof option, lose the booze for a hearty and flavorful Bloody M! Or, swap your Bloody Mary mix with V8 for a veggie-packed twist!

4. Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper: Rum Negroni

The Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper chip is versatile, simple and pairs perfectly with a fun Rum Negroni. You will love enjoying this pairing as the weather warms — it’s the ideal picnic chip and clink.

Looking for a low-ABV option? Opt for an Aperol Spritz instead!

Always remember to celebrate responsibly. The full recipes are available on Instagram (@kettlebrand) and

Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut chips are now available at major national retailers, including Whole Foods, Kroger, Publix and Albertsons in 5oz bags for $2.99 (SRP) and 8.5oz bags for $3.89 (SRP).