8 sensational summer treats for any adventure near or far

(BPT) – From a day escape at a local destination to a lengthy cross-country road trip, it’s prime time for summer adventures. And nothing pairs better with summer travel than on-the-go treats.

Every experience is better with a treat that helps make the ride go by quicker. Here are six sensational summer treats you must pack for your next summer adventure:

Make Your Journey Extraordinary with Kinder Bueno

Savor your summer road trips by taking a crispy, creamy Kinder Bueno along for the ride. No matter where you’re headed, with good music, great friends or family, and a chocolatey bite of Kinder Bueno, the journey is sure to be extraordinary. Kinder Bueno is a unique chocolate bar with a thin, crispy wafer beneath a blanket of smooth milk chocolate filled with a creamy hazelnut filling and topped with delicate dark chocolate drizzle. The bar even comes in individually wrapped, shareable packaging – perfect for sharing and creating special moments on the road ensuring your summer gets Bueno.

Playful flavors

Keebler Dip’mmms are a portable, fun and imaginative snack that features bite-sized versions of Keebler’s iconic Fudge Stripes cookies in a single-serve portable tray, along with delicious marshmallow dipping frosting. This fun snack is interactive and playful — the perfect way to pass the time on the road this summer.

Yum on the go

If you’re traveling and have a craving for Nutella, you and your travel crew will be overjoyed when you pull out Nutella and Go!®, the fun and convenient way to enjoy everyone’s favorite hazelnut spread. Nutella and Go!® is available with crunchy breadsticks, crispy pretzel sticks, or hearty multigrain sticks with oat and blueberries. The combination of thoughtful packaging and delicious on-the-go snacking creates the perfect treat for a playful break!

TIC TAC® – Big flavor, small mints

Whether you need something delicious that fits in your pocket while you wander or you want something to grab quick in the car while you pass the miles, Tic Tac® mints are small but bring big taste. Plus, there are flavors for every craving! From classic Freshmint to our newest Tropical Adventure and even limited-time flavors, such as Coca-Cola®, there’s something for everyone and every summer adventure.

CRUNCH Makes Summer More Fun

CRUNCH Bar’s combination of 100% real milk chocolate and crisped rice is the perfect enhancement to summer’s favorite campfire treat, s’mores, and the classic red, white and blue packaging makes for the most festive patriotic décor and party favors all summer long.

Cookies with worldly appeal

While sticking with its bite-sized shape that people know and love, the Famous Amos Wonders From the World feature four new takes on an elevated classic chocolate chip cookie, including chocolate from Belgium, coconut from the Philippines, hazelnuts from the Mediterranean and salted caramel from Britain. Each cookie transports your taste buds to far destinations, even if your summer trip is close to home.

Classic caramel, nougat and peanuts

Baby Ruth contains the deliciousness of dry roasted peanuts, rich caramel and smooth nougat. Baby Ruth’s red and blue packaging will match all your iconic American decor and apparel, perfect for festive summer gatherings. Grab some extras and pass out to all your new friends you meet on your travels.

Peanut buttery perfection

Summertime sweet treat cravings are hard to resist. So don’t! Bite into a crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery Butterfinger bar. This one-of-a-kind bar has a unique flavor and texture that you simply won’t be able to resist.