8 dietitian-recommended snacks for on-the-go summer fun

(BPT) – Warmer weather means more time spent outdoors, especially if you have children. Your kids want to soak up the summer fun, so you need quick snacks to fuel your on-the-go adventures.

“Proper nutrition is critical to keeping kids healthy and happy as they enjoy the sunshine and outdoors,” said registered dietitian Chelsey Amer. “It can be challenging to balance convenience and a healthy diet, but there are plenty of snacks you can pack for your summertime adventures.”

Be ready for your kids’ snack attacks this summer by packing any (or all!) of Amer’s eight go-to favorite on-the-go snacks.

1. Popcorn trail mix

Did you know popcorn is considered a whole grain? It packs a whopping 3 grams of filling fiber per serving. Mix it with your favorite additions — such as raisins, chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, nuts, etc. — for a fun assortment of energy boosters. Just make sure your kids are old enough to safely eat popcorn and nuts, as they can be a choking hazard for little ones under four years old.

2. Fruit and vegetable pouches

Fruit and vegetable pouches are super portable and easy for kids to take with them as they explore, play and just be kids. Pick up a variety pack of GoGo squeeZ® Fruit & VeggieZ DinosaurZ fruit pouches for a wholesome mix of fruits and veggies in three fun flavors: Roarrr Berry, Prehistoric Peach and Jurassic Pear. These are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and BPA-free, making them an accessible, affordable, no-mess, no-spoon and squeezable snack perfect on the go. Plus, the colorful prints and the dinosaur figures are sure to bring the ‘give me!’ factor for the little ones in their dino phase.

3. Crispy roasted chickpeas

If you enjoy hummus, then you’ll love crispy roasted chickpeas. They provide a double punch of protein and fiber to help you stay full for hours. Plus, they’re fun to munch on and come in tons of flavors. The same thing goes for these as the popcorn — you might want to save it for kids 4 and up!

4. Dry whole-grain cereal

Whole-grain cereals are rich in fiber, so they help you stay full as you head from one activity to another. Before you pour a bowl for breakfast, check the added sugar content to keep it to a minimum. Best of all, most whole-grain cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, making them a great choice to help meet your kids’ needs.

5. Yogurt pouches

Yogurt is a delicious snack option, but it can get messy and require refrigeration. Not with GoGo squeeZ, though! GoGo squeeZ® YogurtZ Mango & Peach pouches, now available in a variety pack, are easy to take with your family on the go for a creamy and delicious snack with no spoon or mess — and best of all, no refrigeration required. Each pouch contains a creamy blend of lowfat yogurt and fruits in a pouch, providing kids with 4 grams of protein, calcium and vitamin D31 — two vital nutrients that many kids are missing out on.2

6. Veggies with a nut butter pack

Make veggies fun and filling by packing a nut butter pack to dip them in. Nut or seed butter contains filling fats, so your little one won’t be looking for another snack right away while they play. Plus, delicious nut/seed butter can encourage them to eat more vegetables.

7. Tortilla roll-ups

Tortilla roll-ups provide a tasty and balanced snack for the whole family. A whole-grain tortilla, turkey deli meat and cheese contain a powerful mix of carbs, proteins and fats that provide lasting energy for your all-day activities.

8. Snack-sized cheese

Cheese is a great snack to have on hand for summer activities. It’s easy to grab and go and is full of protein that can help your family stay full as you play outdoors. Just make sure that you eat it within about two hours after taking it out of the fridge. For even more energy, pair it with a piece of sturdy fruit like an apple, orange or banana.

1 – 10% vitamin D per 6 oz

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