5 ways to save money on any home’s heat and air conditioning

(BPT) – HVAC systems not only enhance home comfort but, when operating efficiently, can also contribute to cost savings. As colder temperatures begin to sweep the country, many homeowners are wondering how to best utilize their HVAC system to avoid costly heating bills. Similarly, these tips apply to warmer temperatures and savings on cooling bills.

Here are five strategic ways in which a home’s heating and air conditioning system can optimize the climate and serve as a savvy tool for trimming down home expenses. From smart usage practices to regular maintenance tips, these insights can help any homeowner’s HVAC system to last for years to come and provide additional comfort and savings.

Maximizing the efficiency of a home’s current system is key to ensuring it works optimally over the years while continuing to provide utility bill savings due to efficiencies.

Consider implementing the following strategies to minimize expenses with an existing HVAC system:

1. Enhance the home’s weather resistance

The operational dynamics of an HVAC system are significantly influenced by how well the home functions. A well-functioning home correlates with an efficiently operating HVAC system. Weatherizing the home not only amplifies its overall effectiveness but also elevates comfort levels while reducing energy expenses.

Weatherization entails sealing all windows, doors, attics and basements to thwart heat loss. If the home has an older duct system, consider sealing it to prevent conditioned air leakage into unconditioned spaces, potentially leading to prolonged HVAC system operation. In regions with hot or warmer climates, installing blinds or solar shades can effectively mitigate the entry of the sun’s heat, minimizing the reliance on air conditioning.

2. Regulate the home’s humidity levels

Effectively managing the humidity within the home contributes to maintaining optimal comfort and reducing costs. During the winter, introducing humidity into the living space prevents dryness and also enhances comfort at lower temperatures. In the summer, maintaining lower humidity levels promotes comfort even at higher indoor temperatures. In both scenarios, controlling home humidity lessens the operational duration of the HVAC system required to sustain a comfortable environment.

3. Get smart about the thermostat

Take charge of temperature settings to suit your preferences, whether at home or away. Utilize solutions such as Rheem®’s EcoNet® Smart Thermostat that enable seamless temperature adjustments from any location. Leveraging geofencing technology, EcoNet intelligently detects the homeowners’ presence, adjusting the heating or cooling settings to maximize energy efficiency based on whether they are home or away.

4. Implement energy-efficient practices

Incorporate energy-conscious practices as part of a daily routine to optimize the efficiency of your HVAC system and achieve substantial long-term savings on home energy bills. Begin by ensuring that doors and windows are closed when the HVAC system is in operation, preventing the unnecessary loss of conditioned air and ensuring that the home maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature. Utilize ceiling fans strategically to enhance air circulation, promoting even distribution throughout the living space. These straightforward yet impactful habits collectively contribute to heightened energy efficiency, translating into tangible and lasting reductions in overall energy expenses.

5. Keep current with routine maintenance inspections.

Scheduled service checks guarantee the optimal and efficient operation of any HVAC system, simultaneously averting potential major issues that could jeopardize both efficiency and the overall health of the system. It is advisable to conduct maintenance checks at least bi-annually, ideally before the onset of significant heating and cooling seasons during the winter and summer.

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