5 ways to improve your home’s value and appearance with a spring refresh

(BPT) – With the arrival of spring comes renewed inspiration to clean out the cobwebs, get out in the sunshine — and tackle much-needed home improvement projects. Too often we limit the “spring cleaning” energy to overlooked closets, but some of the best opportunities are just outside your home’s four walls. Spring is the perfect time to refresh your home’s exterior, not only to impress your neighbors but to boost your pride in your home — as well as its value.

Whether you plan to stay for many years or plan to sell soon, you don’t have to do a major overhaul to make improvements that offer a great return on investment, enhance your home’s energy efficiency and make it the best-looking house on the block.

Here are five high-impact ways to revamp your home’s exterior this spring.

1. Give your landscaping a makeover

Photo courtesy JELD-WEN

Before everything is fully in bloom is a good time to assess what’s working in your yard, and what’s not. Start the season with a clean canvas by picking up leaves, sticks, branches and other debris that may have been collecting in your yard over the long winter months.

You could even make room to add a few colorful new plants or start a vegetable garden. Start planning your flower, vegetable or herb gardens by deciding whether you’ll use containers, raised beds or plant in ground. Use native plants that will thrive in your region all season long and consider the level of upkeep based on your lifestyle. Look for inspiration online and select plants that will complement your home’s exterior or consider coordinating colors with the front door.

2. Welcome visitors to your home with new doors

Photo courtesy JELD-WEN

What’s the first thing people notice about your home? Your front door — also known as the perfect backdrop for those “first day of school” photos coming in just a few short months. Upgrading to a new front door makes a big difference, offering an unmatched opportunity to completely change the look of your home’s exterior with an on-trend paint color or stain and an updated design that’s right for your home. A well-designed door can elevate your home’s style and curb appeal, withstand the elements, and provide better energy efficiency and security.

For example, JELD-WEN fiberglass exterior doors use advanced materials to prevent moisture from getting in the door — which helps prevent rotting, warping and cracking, offering more durability than a wood door. Their high-density polyurethane foam core is energy efficient, offering five times more insulation than solid wood doors, helping you save money on your energy bill. Plus, you can choose your finish hardware and glass for a fully customized look that matches your home’s style.

JELD-WEN Smooth-Pro Fiberglass Doors have a light brush-stroke texture that can be painted any color. For a more classic look, JELD-WEN Design-Pro Fiberglass Doors are created to resemble the beautiful, natural look of real mahogany, oak or fir woodgrains, featuring high-definition panels with wider profiles to provide more depth and authenticity. Find the option that best suits your style at JELD-WEN.com.

3. See the world clearly through new windows

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Your front door is only part of the curb appeal equation. New windows can also have a big impact on the overall look and functionality of your home. Window technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent decades, and if your windows haven’t been replaced since cassette tapes were in vogue, your home could benefit from the improved energy efficiency and security new windows can provide.

Window choices can be overwhelming, so it helps to consider your main goals in the most important rooms in your home: will you open and shut them frequently? You also want to consider the best overall style to complement the house. If replacing all the windows is too big of a project for your schedule or your budget, consider replacing any showing signs of disrepair, windows facing the front or those most often used. JELD-WEN offers consumers more information about replacing windows to last.

4. Improve your indoor-outdoor living

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Does your outdoor space have enough areas to sit and relax? You don’t need a new deck or patio to maximize your yard, but adding shade with a sun sail, pergola or gazebo are just a few options to make your outdoor space more livable. Creating a focal point with a fire pit or water feature can make the space work that much harder for you.

Do you have older lawn furniture that doesn’t exactly invite people to sit and sip tea on a warm afternoon? Ideal furniture is sturdy enough to weather the elements and comfortable enough to keep guests chatting rather than looking for an excuse to call it an early night. Benches and swings are other options to consider for additional seating.

Have you already updated your backyard and outdoor landscaping? Consider remodeling or replacing the entry door between your outdoor and indoor living spaces to maximize the natural light in your home and improve the views of your new outside living area.

5. Shine a light on your home

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When did you last update your home’s lighting? Well-designed lighting makes your home more attractive to guests, especially on warm spring or summer evenings, but good lighting choices — including motion sensors — also impact your home’s security. Walk around your home at dusk to notice areas that could benefit from security lighting, as well as spots where you’d like to hang out with friends and family.

No matter your price point or spring-cleaning schedule, there are options to help your home look its best for the new season.