5 tips to inspire your workday snack habits

(BPT) – If snacking helps fuel you through the workday, you’e not alone. According to a 2023 survey conducted for the Hillshire® Snacking brand, more than two-thirds of on-the-go workers (67%)* — like teachers, first responders, hospitality personnel and nurses — say that’s the case for them, too. The study revealed that workday snacking had a positive impact on their happiness (86%), productivity (85%) and well-being/mental health (85%).*

But it’s not always easy to find or enjoy a high-quality snack while you’re on the clock.

To help find simple solutions to those workday snacking woes, Hillshire® Snacking brand recruited three Snacktivity Directors to help undersnacked workers everywhere add moments of bliss to their week — one bite at a time.

Here are the top 5 tips from the Hillshire Snacking Snacktivity Directors:

1. Time your snacks thoughtfully

While many on-the-go jobs make it hard to take long breaks, you can still make time for quick snacks between meals. Schedule your snacking for the times your energy tends to dip. Opting for small snacks that require no preparation also makes it easier to fit them into a busy workday.

“I always try to bring something convenient and ready to eat on the go,” says Snacktivity Director Taner. “You need something that fits in the confines of the time you realistically have to eat.”

2. Include proteins to keep help energy levels up

To help with a short burst of energy that isn’t followed by a crash, the Hillshire Snacking Snacktivity Director agreed it’s best to include some form of protein, like meat, cheese or nuts.

Snacktivity Director Julia says she includes something nutritious to help her avoid an energy crash later: “I always opt for protein — something that helps keep you full for longer periods of time.” Julia also makes sure to carry snacks with her, wherever she goes, just in case she needs a pick-me-up.

3. Ingredients matter

Rather than hitting the nearest vending machine when hunger strikes, plan ahead by packing snacks with high-quality ingredients.

“I avoid temptation by keeping myself satiated with foods that are filling and nutritional,” says Snacktivity Director Phil. “Find a carry-over snack that can help you last between your bigger meals.”

4. Variety is the spice of snacks

The Hillshire Snacking Snacktivity Directors say that satisfying hunger with a variety of flavor and textures is another effective strategy.

Julia says she also satisfies her snack cravings by “including small portions of multiple items, both sweet and savory, as well as something that offers a good crunch.”

5. Elevate your snacking

All Snacktivity Directors recommended Hillshire Snacking Small Plates as an ideal way to elevate workday snacking. Each Small Plate contains high-quality ingredients, like savory salame, delicious cheese and perfectly toasted crackers for a premium and convenient experience that makes snackers everywhere want to say, “Oh, Hill Yeah!”

Visit HillshireSnacking.com to find your next favorite workday snack.

*According to a 2023 survey of 650 “on-the-go” workers, those who do not work desk jobs, conducted by Savanta on behalf of Hillshire Snacking brand.