5 Home Fix-Ups that Can Be Tackled with Super Glue

(BPT) – According to Hippo, more than half of homeowners (59%) had something go unexpectedly wrong in their home last year. While some repairs are larger or more serious that require contracting a professional, having the right tools on hand can help homeowners easily make smaller fixes on their own. Super glue is an often-overlooked tool that can affordably accomplish quick fixes to woodwork, furniture, décor, tools and more.

Here are five ways super glue can help tackle quick fixes needed both inside and outside your home.

Wood Repairs

Over time the cabinets, doors and furniture we use every day can suffer wear and tear. Whether there’s a broken piece of molding on your kitchen cabinets, the spindles of your kitchen chair need to be reattached or the wood by your door frame is splintering, super glue provides a quick and affordable fix. With these high-use items, you’ll want to select a super glue that offers durability like DAP RapidFuse Super Glue. The adhesive creates a bond that won’t get brittle over time for two times better durability than regular adhesives, and it works on most common household materials, making it a great adhesive to have on hand for quick home fixes.

Décor Damage

Super glue can be the perfect remedy for damaged décor. Broken picture frames, vases and small decorations that get bumped off a countertop, table or wall can quickly be glued back together with just a drop or two of super glue, resulting in a second life for your broken décor. You can avoid messy repairs with a super glue that cures and bonds quickly. RapidFuse Super Glue has a fast-setting formula that sets in only 30 seconds and creates a cured bond in just 4 hours, with no expanding foam, no dripping glue and no mess.

Tool Tune-Ups

A broken handle on a hand tool often renders it useless. The next time your handle slides off or becomes loose, try using a bit of super glue to make the tool as good as new. For screwdrivers, trowels, brooms, yard rakes and sheers, place some glue around the end of the tool and slide the handle back in place. Use a fast-setting super glue and you’ll be back to your project in no time.

Top it Off

Protect wood floors and doors from scratches and nicks by super gluing felt pads to the bottom of kitchen chairs and adhering the rubber caps on door springs. These protective finishes are small but will help prevent wood damage and costly repairs. Super glue can also be used to top off stair banisters with wooden button plugs. This will provide a more polished and stylized look.

Backyard Fixes

Super glue can also be the perfect repair tool for many outdoor projects. For example, it’s useful for deck and lawn decorations that get damaged like fountains, flowerpots and lamps. It can also help mend outdoor furniture, doghouses and birdhouses that need sprucing up. Just be sure to select an adhesive that can withstand the elements. RapidFuse Super Glue is water resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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