5 fun ways to celebrate spring with your kids

(BPT) – This year, everybody’s got more cabin fever than usual. If you’re a parent, you’re probably seeking new ways to connect with your kids while celebrating the season. To find activities to enjoy with your children, check out a great new resource for special bonding opportunities this spring.

During the weeks leading up to Easter, Kinder is inspiring parents to discover happiness in every spring day with seasonal crafts, games and activities you and your children can do each day for a month on the new Kinder Kalendar. Kinder helps to create little moments that spark, share and celebrate the simple pleasures of childhood with unique products that surprise and delight, and delicious treats made with smooth chocolate and a creamy milk filling that both parents and kids love.

Here are five fun ideas you’ll find on the Kinder Kalendar:

1. Kinder Joy Terrarium

Making a terrarium is a great way to get kids interested in nature. A large Mason jar or goldfish bowl can serve as your container.


  • Clear glass container
  • Spring-themed toys from Kinder Joy Eggs
  • Soil
  • Small succulent plant(s)
  • Decorative filler rocks


  • Pour small amount of soil into clear glass container (fill ¼ of the way)
  • Create small hole in the middle of the soil
  • Take the succulent plant(s) out of its container and place it in the hole
  • Add more soil to cover roots
  • Add layer of decorative rocks
  • Water your plant
  • Decorate with spring-themed toys from your Kinder Joy Egg

2. Kinder Chocolate Mini Egg Cupcakes

This is a fun and easy way to dress up your favorite cupcakes.


  • Your favorite cupcake recipe
  • Kinder Chocolate Mini Easter Eggs
  • Fun cupcake liners and toppers (see Etsy or Pinterest for ideas)


  • Whip up your favorite cupcake recipe.
  • Before placing cupcakes in oven, add Kinder Chocolate Mini Easter Egg to each portion of cupcake batter.
  • After baking, decorate cupcakes and add another Kinder Chocolate Mini Easter Egg atop each cupcake. Enjoy!

3. Stuffed Animal Party Hat

Parents and kids will have such a fun time making this together!


  • Kinder Chocolate Happy Plush Toy (Unicorn or Lamb!)
  • Card stock
  • Hot glue gun
  • Yarn
  • Mini pom pom maker
  • Scissors


  • Cut card stock into a cone party hat shape.
  • Glue yarn around the bottom of the hat (or decorate how you please!)
  • Make pom pom by layering and wrapping yarn around each side of the pom pom maker. Then clasp together and cut around the edges. Tie yarn tightly around the middle and double knot. Remove both sides of the pom pom maker. Parents, trim pom pom if needed.
  • Feed strings through the opening in the party hat and secure with hot glue.
  • Tie string around your animal’s chin and party!

4. Kinder Joy Egg Bunny Wand

A festive toy that kids will have so much fun making with their parents!


  • Kinder Joy Egg
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cardstock
  • Yarn
  • Scissors


  • Use hot glue to attach Kinder Joy Egg to the wooden dowel.
  • Cut cardstock into the shape of two bunny ears. Make sure it’s long enough to fold and attach to the egg.
  • Fold bottom of ears and glue to Kinder Joy egg, and let the magic begin!

5. Rivers and Bridges Game

This is a fun game (inspired by a classic board game) you and your kids can make at home.


  • 1 large square cardstock or poster board
  • Blue and brown construction paper
  • 1 die
  • Kinder Joy Egg spring-themed toys
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Mark every 3 inches on opposite sides of the cardstock, then every 1.5 inches on other two sides
  • Connect marks to draw a grid, using a colored marker
  • Label start and finish squares on opposite corners
  • Add arrows so kids know which way to travel
  • Cut rivers and bridges in different lengths of blue and brown construction paper
  • Glue them down to create obstacles around the game board

Using Kinder Joy Egg toys as game pieces, take turns going from youngest to oldest using the die. If a player lands on a bridge, the game piece advances to the end of the bridge. Landing on a river, the player falls backward to the beginning of the river. The first person to finish wins!

Thanks to the games and recipes on the Kinder Kalendar, plus exciting offers and giveaways, spring is going to be better than ever. Visit KinderJoyKalendar.com for even more fun, inspirational ideas to make this season a blast.