5 Expert Tips to Help Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

(BPT) – With the holiday season already underway, your schedule will soon be packed with festive get-togethers, cocktail parties and family gatherings. To help make the upcoming season a little more joyful and a lot less stressful, try taking a more proactive approach by starting your holiday prep and cleaning routines now — with a little help for the home along the way.

Below are some top tips, compliments of the MaidPro PROs to help you get your home holiday-ready so you can relax and enjoy the festivities more than ever this year.

1. Develop a gameplan

Before throwing a party or hosting overnight visitors, identify the main areas in your home that are due for a deep clean — and prioritize the rooms guests are most likely to visit. That may include your living room, dining room and powder room, as well as any guest bedrooms. Focus on decluttering these areas first so you are able to access surfaces in need of a deeper clean.

2. Start with a ground-up deep clean

Typical cleaning routines may include wiping down counters, dusting, mopping and vacuuming, but did you know there is a smart way to vacuum? Vacuuming in a zig-zag pattern is the best way to truly clean carpets. The fibers in carpets are primarily twisted loops that get dirty from all sides, so vacuuming in only one direction isn’t always effective. To fully clean carpets, work the vacuum across a room in one direction in a zig-zag pattern. Repeat the process from a right angle. This pattern provides the best results, saves time and can help reduce symptoms of allergies.

3. Deep clean the kitchen before holiday cooking

Before guests start arriving, be sure to deep clean the kitchen in preparation for holiday baking and entertaining. Deep clean the range, stovetop, surfaces and grates. Clean out the refrigerator to make room for party foods and be sure to dust the top of the refrigerator. Also give a fresh clean to all large and small appliances. Finally, wipe down kitchen cabinets to tackle any forgotten spills.

4. Make your guest room extra hospitable

Is your guest room doing double duty as an office? Has your guest bathroom become a catch-all area for things with nowhere else to go? Now is the perfect time to refresh and refocus. Enter your guest room with a visitor’s eye. Deep clean bathrooms and medicine cabinets (yes, people will look). Wash or spot clean area rugs. Dust all surfaces, including bookshelves, photo frames, and art — don’t forget the ceiling fans! Finally, clean trash receptacles and add fresh liners.

4. Prepare in advance for time-honored holiday stains

Holiday food, beverages and traditions can cause some unexpected spills and spots. To remove red wine, spray water on the stain to keep it wet. Cover it with white vinegar to neutralize purple and red pigments. Follow with liquid detergent and hot water to flush out the stain. For dripped candle wax, rub ice cubes over the wax until it hardens. Scrape up most of the wax and place a paper bag over the patch that has residual wax. Use a warm iron to press over the area to liquefy the wax, allowing it to absorb into the bag. For soot stains from the fireplace, grab a dry brush and scrub off as much of the soot as possible (avoid water). Apply some rubbing alcohol on the edge of a sponge or towel and blot until the last of the stain is gone.

5. Hire a PRO

Chances are you could use assistance to make your home clean, tidy and festive before the holidays arrive, so consider hiring a MaidPro home cleaner (a PRO) to make your life easier. MaidPro PROs are known for their attention to detail and commitment to customer service, using a 49-Point Checklist that offers peace of mind and the comfort that comes from a sparkling clean, orderly home.

Beyond deep cleans in time for the season, starting early will also provide the advantage of getting to know your cleaning PRO (and your PRO learning your needs and preferences) in advance of the busiest time of year. You’ll know what to expect from each cleaning session, ensuring quality and consistency throughout your home cleans, so you can dedicate your time to planning the ultimate holiday events and family gatherings.

Give friends and family a beautifully clean, entertaining-ready home this year — just in time to celebrate the holidays — with a MaidPro gift card. The gift of clean is simple with MaidPro’s electronic gift cards, available at www.maidpro.com/giftcards.

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