5 easy ways to refresh your bathroom for spring

(BPT) – There’s nothing like the warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and longer, brighter days to inspire you to take a fresh look at your home, and the ideal place to get started is in one of your most-used spaces: the bathroom. Spring is the perfect time to refresh your bathroom, so why not go beyond a thorough cleaning to make the room feel brand new? Fresh, seasonal colors give the room an upgraded look, and products like a new toilet seat let you continue that spring-fresh feeling all season.

Here are simple ideas to help you get started on revamping your bathroom this spring.

1. Invite more color: Start with swapping out some of the simple elements in your bathroom, taking the opportunity to brighten the space with fresh new colorful towels, bathmats and even a new shower curtain. Choose light, appealing colors and/or patterns based on natural elements that will bring more of a springtime feeling into your home.

2. Decorate thoughtfully: Consider adding some easy decorative accents, like glass jars filled with cotton swabs, small soaps or garden flowers. A little goes a long way, so choose just a few of these accents to help give the room a sense of spa-like elegance, without making it seem overly busy or cluttered.

3. Think attractive storage solutions: Include smart and visually appealing storage options such as a few pretty baskets on shelves for holding extra guest towels, for example. Baskets are also really useful for keeping that extra clutter off of your countertops, and you can easily organize them by categories like toiletries, washcloths and makeup.

4. Upgrade your seat: Spring cleaning for your bathroom isn’t complete without a new toilet seat. The Mayfair by Bemis Affinity is an attractive plastic seat that installs easily and is designed for a precise fit, so it never moves after you install it. The seat also features quiet closing to avoid unpleasant slamming. Best yet, the hinges are designed to let you easily remove the seat for thorough cleaning — and when you’re finished cleaning, you simply place the seat back on the toilet and close the hinge caps. The durable plastic seat wipes clean effortlessly for that final touch on a fresh, spring bathroom feel.

Visit ToiletSeats.com for more options to help you find the perfect seat from Bemis Manufacturing Company.

5. Refresh your windows: After giving your bathroom windows a thorough cleaning inside and out, consider updating how they look overall with new window treatments. One terrific on-trend idea is to install roller blinds or Roman shades in lighter colors. If you opt for blinds or shades made from thin-enough fabric, they will still provide much-needed privacy while also letting in some natural light — helping the whole room feel lighter and brighter.

Ready to get started on refreshing your bathroom? These are all ideas you can easily DIY — no plumber or designer required! — that will make a big difference for the look and feel of your bathroom, right away. Then you can relax and enjoy your room all season long.