3 smart fall sweets swaps and tips

(BPT) – As the leaves begin to change color and the temperatures get a little cooler, it can be challenging to stay on track with your nutritional goals. Cooler months often come with less outdoor activity as you begin to hunker down indoors. But the change in seasons doesn’t have to mean giving up on your wellness — or sacrificing a sweet treat you enjoy.

“There are many ways to follow a balanced lifestyle that allow you to live your best healthy life,” said Colette Heimowitz, vice president of Nutrition and Education at Simply Good Foods Company. “All it takes is a little planning, and snack options without a ton of sugar — that still taste delicious and fit into your lifestyle.”

Heimowitz offers a few easy and tasty ways to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle this fall.

1. Smart candy bowl swaps

As Halloween approaches, you may be looking for a little sweet indulgence while fighting the urge to eat the entire candy bowl. As an alternative, try swapping out candy with portion-controlled treats like Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cups and Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares, which have less carbs and sugar than traditional chocolate candy, serving as a delicious and smart solution that will still satisfy your sweet tooth.

2. Festive outdoor activities

While cooler weather and shorter days may tempt you to stay inside with a book or movie, there are still plenty of fun fall activities to get you moving this autumn. Fall leaves provide a beautiful backdrop to a variety of outings you can enjoy with friends and family, from taking a bike ride or nature walk to enjoying the fruits of the harvest. Stroll through a farmers market or visit a pick-your-own apple orchard or pumpkin patch to enjoy the best of what fall fruits have to offer — while getting plenty of exercise, sunshine and fresh air.

3. Fall-flavored recipes

When those seasonal pumpkin spice–flavored drinks and treats start appearing at every local coffee shop and grocery store, you know that fall has truly arrived. You can enjoy all the deliciousness of your favorite autumn flavors while staying on track with your wellness goals, by switching some of those traditional sugar-heavy drinks with this tasty pumpkin-flavored recipe instead.

Pumpkin-Peanut Butter Cup Icy Treat

This tasty beverage gives you a whopping 13.4 grams of protein and 6.6 grams of fiber, with 4.9 grams net carbs.


1 1/2 Atkins Creamy Cinnamon Swirl Shakes
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup canned pumpkin, unsalted
2 pieces Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cups


1. Pour one of the shakes (11 fluid ounces) into an ice cube tray and freeze until solid, about 4 hours.
2. Place the shake ice cubes into a high-powered blender along with the remaining 1/2 shake (5.5 fluid ounces), heavy cream and pumpkin, processing until the cubes are broken down and the mixture is at your desired thickness.
3. Pour evenly into two glasses and top each with a chopped peanut butter cup. Makes two servings.

“Don’t let the cooler weather or changes in your routines this fall derail your health and nutrition goals,” said Heimowitz. “Choosing a few healthier swaps can make all the difference, while still allowing you to indulge and enjoy the sweet flavors of fall.”

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